Welcome to Koreatown Empowerment Center!

Koreatown Empowerment Center is a nonprofit organization (501© 3) formed by
the former leaders of Koreatown Multipurpose Senior Center in 2016.   The Senior Center presented in Koreatown in Los Angeles for nearly three decades.   As a pioneer, the Center carried out historic and fruitful missions that changed the lives of low-income elderly and working families in Korean American immigrant community.   The Senior Center was dissolved in 2015 to extend its missions with inclusive services and empower the Community nationwide.  The vision is to empower Korean American community assets for a brighter and healthier Community by promoting dignity, humanity, and security among the Community nationwide and by empowering bilingual leadership and services.

Koreatown Multipurpose Senior Center was the first Korean American nonprofit
organization recognized by the United States Department of Justice to provide
immigration legal services in 1996.   Koreatown Empowerment Center has inherited
such an honorable legacy by becoming a U.S. DOJ-recognized entity on April 1,
2021.   KTEC strives to expand immigration legal services nationwide to assist with immigration services for low-income Korean immigrant families residing in the legal desert.